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Posted by on 28th Aug 2017

How do I pick the right cleanse? It is a common question I get asked a lot, and with good reason we have a variety of cleanse options available.

Cleansing is a very personal experience and a one size all approach does not suit every body. Elements like activity levels, your flavour preferences, current eating habits and if you are a seasoned juice cleanser or beginner all need to be taken into account!

So here are my top 4 tips for choosing the right cleanse ( and remember we can customise all our cleanse packs – you just need to give us a call)

1.Your Flavour Preferences: 

Are you a sweet tooth? Do you like interesting and strong flavours like turmeric and ginger or do you really hate green juices!

It is important to select a juice cleanse that you will actually enjoying drinking, after all three days of juices you dislike is no fun!


Strong Flavours: REWIND DEEP

Mellow flavours and lot of variety: REVIVE CLASSIC

2. Activity levels: 

Are you a busy mumma, or do you mainly sit at a desk all day? Do you want to maintain your workout schedule, or do not exercise at all? Some of our cleanses are higher in protein + good fats, whilst others are lower. Selecting the right cleanse in this area will mean you avoid getting hungry!

High levels of activity: RECOVER ACTIVE + REVIVE CLASSIC

Lower levels of activity: REWIND DEEP + RESTORE

3. Do you need to eat:

Are you happy to try an all liquid cleanse? Or do you need to eat something? It is important to carefully think if you can get through an all liquid cleanse or if you would rather have a light meal at the end of the day.

I need food: RESTORE or consider adding one of our salad to any of the below cleanses for a dinner meal

I can survive without food for a few days: REWIND DEEP + RECOVER ACTIVE +REVIVE CLASSIC

4. Current eating habits:

Have you just been on holidays to Italy aka consumed all the pasta and gelato under the sun? Or are you pretty healthy and just need a pick me up. Selecting a cleanse based on your eating habits will ensure that the detox is easier to get through and your will feel the benefits.

Im pretty healthy, a few cakes and coffees here or there: REWIND DEEP

Help, I have eaten loads of junk: REVIVE CLASSIC, RECOVER ACTIVE

I need more vegetables in my diet STAT: RESTORE 


Sometimes you just need a good burger and chips! Maybe you have had a busy day, or a big night and just need something to really satisfy those burger cravings.To keep you away from those golden arches or any other fast food chain, I went looking for Perth’s best healthy burgers. These are actually going to satisfy you, [...]

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Tummy giving your troubles? I have the perfect recipe just for you, a gut soothing chocolate and orange chia pudding with a hit of citrus. This pudding does double duty, boosting your immune system AND calming your digestive tract all in one. Aloe vera root  and chamomile will reduce bloating and help cleanse the digestive [...]

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Brrrrr the temperature is certainly dropping in Perth. As I write this I am wearing about 5 layers, and still feeling a bit chilly!In the cooler months everyone likes to sip on a warming brew, but it is easy to get caught in the trap of consuming 6 coffees a day or sugary chai lattes or hot chocolates! This [...]

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5 Healthy Donut Recipes

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Sleep… it is essential for good health and wellbeing. We consider it one of the cornerstones of living a healthy and full life. If you are not getting a good nights sleep, your body isn’t functioning as well as it should be. Poor sleep can lead to cravings for sugary foods, excess coffee consumption and [...]

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​Grazing Tables Made Healthy!

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Hemp approved as a food in Australia + A hemp chocolate bar recipe

HEMP has been approved!Finally, we have been waiting so long for this to happen at Inner Ego HQ! Last week Health Ministers approved the sale of Hemp as a food product in Australia.If your new to Hemp as a food product, well time to get familiar with this seed, as it packs a huge nutritional punch and [...]

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Healthy Chocolate for a Perth Easter

If you must eat chocolate for breakfast….make it one of these… Easter is on its way and that often means chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Ooops! We are total advocates for treating yourself, but you can have your chocolate and eat it too with these dairy free, refined sugar free goodies from the best local and Australian healthy chocolate experts CRUNCHBOX Local [...]

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