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Want to get back on track? Plant based eating is the best way to really reset your eating habits and boost your physical and mental wellbeing.  If it is time to embrace a healthier lifestyle, ditch bad food and truly experience what plant based food can do for you and your body this is the plan for you
Kick Start 2019 with our 3 Week challenge!
Want to kick some serious health -goals in 2019? Are you making your health and wellbeing your priority this year?
What your fuelling your body with forms such an important part to achieving your wellness goals. So to kick start 2019, and hit the ground running we have designed a 3 week program- to commit to healthy eating Monday to Wednesday every week. That way, whatever life throws at you this busy time of the year, you know you have your healthy eating covered for the start of the week. Have your Friday night dinner and drinks, knowing you have the start of the week covered with healthy eats,  we like to call it #balance
As always all our food it vegan, gluten free, dairy free. We pack the whole menu full of as many plants as possible, and make it TASTY! This menu is a going to help you reset after the holidays and kick start the year with your best foot forward.
Week One: 3 Day Restore Food and Juice
Week Two: 3 Day Spring Cleanse
Week Three:  3 Day Meal Plan

Bonus with every cleanse: Two Juice Shots Fat Burn and Detox 

Apotheca Herbal Supplement FULL SIZE Jar 

Naturopathically formulated Tea from The Purist Collection



What you wont see in our cleanse is loads of plastic containers all ending up in landfill at the end of the week. We use glass where possible and cardboard food packaging where possible.  And your cleanse is delivered in a beautiful reusable cooler bag to return or keep if you choose. We opt for responsible consumption, please refer to our environmental policy for our generous glass return programs.



Our 3 Week Challenge can be started on any Sunday Delivery.

We will deliver to you the following 2 weeks in a row for three week in total!



Week One: Restore Food and Juice Cleanse 3 Day

Spring Cleanse 3 Day

Custom Meal Plan 3 Day ( as below)


B: Beet and Berry Coyo Pot

S: #4 Juice- Beetroot, Apple, Celery, Ginger and Carrot

L: Thai Cashew with Kale and Carrot

S: Cold Pressed Juice Orange, Carrot, Lemon + Ginger #3

D:  Green Zuchinni, Kale Alkalising Soup


B: # 8 Almond Chocolate Milk with spices

S:  Raw Vegan Donuts

L: Pumpkin and Coconut Soup

S: Paleo Snack Bar 

D: Plant Based Salad with Miso Orange Dressing


B: Cacao Toast with Raspberry + Coyo and Hemp Seeds (Toast your bread and add toppings)

S:Cold Pressed Juice Zuchinni, Green Apple + Spinach #12

L: Minestrone Soup - Vegan

S: #7 Cold Pressed Juice - Strawberry, Apple, Lemon, Green Tea and Pomegrante

D: Vegan Pad Thai Salad with Satay Sauce


Bonus with every cleanse: Two Juice Shots Fat Burn and Detox 

Apotheca Herbal Supplement FULL SIZE Jar 

Naturopathically formulated Tea from The Purist Collection