Top 6 NEW Ways to Detox in 2016

Top 6 NEW Ways to Detox in 2016

18th Jan 2016

Hello 2016

It's that time of the year again when wiping the slate clean is on a lot of people’s minds. You might have over done the festivities, which can often lead to your body and mind feeling a little overwhelmed.

Over-indulging in a few to many wines, a stressful week with the in-laws, lots of traveling and minimal exercise can often lean to many of us putting DETOX at the top of that new years resolution list. And more specifically if you didn’t actually write detox on your list, it is often a great way to start kicking-butt on those new years resolutions.

Were any of these on your list?

  • Eat healthier (aka eat less chocolate)
  • Exercise more often (or just start exercising)
  • Stop negative thought patterns or
  • Be organised.

A good old detox or cleanse, can help with all of the above! I know…… I hear you, your asking “HOW can a cleanse help me be more organised?”   For me a detox isn’t just about guzzling green juice, it’s a holistic idea, based upon a want (or need) to start again.   Often the idea of cleansing is linked to food as it is a large part of our toxic build up and over-indulgence. But often we just need to cleanse our minds or our schedules!

We have complied a list of 6 ways to detox your mind and body and make 2016 your best year yet

1. QUENCH THAT THIRST – It is your everyday detox weapon. I know we say it all the time, but sometimes basic is best. When you are hydrated you think more clearly, eat less junk and you are flushing out those toxins. Water is the original beauty essential

We love these beautiful drink bottles from BKR, who have a cult celeb following for their cute glass drink bottles in bright colours. We love the non-camping aesthetic, and simplistic design. Find them here:

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2. RE-THINK THE DAIRY –Known for its inflammatory effects on the body, dairy is on the no-go list for many forward thinking health professionals. Allan Cambell, celeb chef to supermodel recently revealed her diet here and dairy didn’t make the cut!

If your not ready to completely let it go, consider cutting back your intake and swapping out for some healthy dairy alternatives! We stock The Pure Press, a delicious additive free nut milk, made for smoothies, coffee and just generally chugging from the bottle. Try a smoothie bowl, tipped to be 2016's breakky of choice.

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3. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL A powerful detoxer, Activated Coconut Charcoal can reduce bloating, prevent hangovers and its even use medically for mercury poisoning. Regular use of this black powder is said to cleanse the liver resulting in clearer skin and more energy! Consider making a fancy drink a la Black Limonade via Comme Co. Recipe here.


If your feeling like your home is looking more and more like the rubbish tip everyday, I highly suggest you read this article by one of my favourite blogs Zen Habits. Cleanse your workspace, living room or computer and feel the Zen.

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You may have heard we have a new cleanse in our range, and of course we think its perfect for the new year! RESTORE food+juice is the perfect way to give your digestive system a break from alcohol, caffeine, dairy and processed food. Cutting out these things for just two days, it’s a great way to take a break, reset and refocus on what we should be putting into our bodies.

Plus the Restore pack has TACOS! Check it out here 


Meditation is tipped to be the trend of 2016! Increasing mindfulness, reducing stress and increasing focus and concentration. In a way you are cleansing your mind and let’s be honest modern life can be rather overwhelming!

We love Buddhify, you select your current situation ‘waking up’ or ‘feeling stressed’ and it guides you through an appropriate meditation from 5-30mins

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