Posted by Lynda on 22nd Aug 2019

Yes, although juice cleanse purists might hate me for saying it, but I believe you can eat on a cleanse and still reap the benefits. BUT its also important to follow a few guidelines about what and when to eat whilst on a cleanse. (because eating a Big Mac is not something I would recommend)

If you are hungry whilst cleansing, eating a small amount of food wont ‘ruin’ a cleanse. Your still consuming all this amazing fresh pressed juice, filled with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Think of all the fruits and vegetables your have consumed over the 3 day cleanse!

Our cleanses contain 3 Litres of juice per day, so they are designed to keep you going all day, and feeling full! But everybody is different and every cleanse is different, sometimes you might sail through a three day cleanse, and other times you can be hungry.

So here are some tips for what to eat on a cleanse and when.

  • 1. Go for fresh fruit or vegetables. This means carrot or celery sticks, or some fresh greens. Eat them raw, with no dressings
  • 2. Eat Mindfully. Often on a cleanse we are not actually hungry, its more a habit than anything else. So when you do eat, really focus on eating ( no scrolling on your phone whilst eating!)
  • 3. Really chew your food. Did you know you are supposed to chew your food 32 times per mouthful for optimal digestion?
  • 4. How far away is your next juice? If your next juice isn’t far away consider a nice cup of herbal tea to tide you over
  • 5. If you do need to eat a full meal A nice big salad would be the best option. And no dairy, gluten or meat, as we are aiming to rest your digestion- so these foods are best to avoid.