Posted by Lynda on 3rd Dec 2018

Christmas time is here and so is the gift of giving! We love this time of the year, it’s a bit busy, a bit messy but its still fun. As we grow more and more conscious of the waste that is generated, we are aiming for low waste gifts that are good for you AND the planet.

So if you have a healthy person if your life and are struggling to get them a gift, here are our top picks:

1. HIGH VIBRATIONAL COOKBOOK: Natural beauty comes from within, and what you eat plays a BIG role in how your skin and hair looks. This book is not your average cook book and is great for someone who loves something a little different. Written by the founders of US wellness trend-setting store CAP BEAUTY. 

2. AMETHYST EXFOLIATING BODY POLISH: A super luxe exfoliator, made with crushed amethyst crystal. Scented with jasmine, it smells devine!

3. SAINT BELFORD 2019 PLANNER: A new type of planner that puts your and your mental health first! I think there website explains it all “We understand you want to do it all, but saying yes to everyone else can leave you with no time and energy to become the best version of yourself. Naturally, this can cause a constant loop of exhaustion, frustration and a lack of fulfilment. You deserve to live life on your terms, without compromising your wellbeing in the process.” A great gift for the busiest person in your life!

4. NEW MOON CO CLARITY SPACE MIST – Made right here in Perth, this mist will cleanse and purify any space in a snap. Negative vibes be gone! Ingredients like Witch Hazel, Lemon, Sandlewood and Rose means this beauty also smells divine.

5. HONEST GOODS CO NUT BUTTERS: Perth based brand, who makes the BEST nut butters around town! They contain no additives, preservatives or nasties. A great gift for the food connoisseur in your life, or the gym junkie. Our fave is the Choc Hazelnut Butter, tastes like nutella.

6. SEED AND SPROUT ECO CONTAINERS – This little company from Byron Bay has the best looking, simple and clean eco friendly range on the market. They have a great price range, so you can choose a gift that suits your budget. We love the food huggers, bye-bye cling wrap! 

7.RAWSOME SUPERFOODS COOKBOOKS – Still one of my fave raw cook book authors of all time. Emily’s latest cook book doesn’t disappoint. Filled with recipes that taste amazing, and are filled with super foods! A perfect gift for any vegans in your life. PS: the food photography is also amazing.

8. THE SOURCE BULK FOODS - My pick for the person who has it all! Buy all the delicious things like dried mango, roasted almonds and gogi berries and put them in some jars! You could event use some of our old juice jars from your last cleanse J Find your nearest store here 

9. INNER EGO GIFT VOUCHER. Give the gift of good health this festive season with a gift voucher from us. We do both electronic versions and physical gift cards.