Posted by Lynda S on 22nd Jan 2020

Plant-based eating is one of the biggest food trends of the last decade. When I started Inner Ego in 2013 it was a niche trend that was only starting to find its feet. I had to explain to people what fresh almond milk was, and that you could make ‘cheese’ from cashews! Fast -forward to 2020 and plant based food has exploded, with vegan alternatives everywhere (even in main stream supermarkets)

But are you still hanging on to meat + dairy product every meal routine? Or you just have no idea how to incorporate more plants into your diet easily, and without breaking the budget?

Our tips for eating more plants are:

1. Look for wholefood, plant based options – rather than vegan junk food. It's easy to opt for fake meats and cheese which are not nutritionally dense, and highly processed.

2. Variety is key -  Try adding 4 types of plants per meal. For example cashews, baby spinach, carrot and sweet potato into one salad. This allows you to get a large variety of minerals and nutrients in one meal. Also consider garnishes like hemp seeds for maximum nutritional density

3. Make at least one meal per day, fully plant based. Heard of “meat free Mondays”? Lets take it to the next level and aim for one meal per day completely meat free to amp up your plant intake.

4. Get creative: even your desserts can be plant based too. A raw treat can have almonds, cacao, cashew butter, coconut and herbs, which is a whole lot of nourishment in one bite.

Use these tips to amp up the nutritional density in your diet and feel the benefits of plant based eating.