Posted by Lynda on 10th Jul 2018

Winter is well and truly here: short days, cold morning and cosy nights in! The cooler months are a time to rest, reflect and slow down, it’s what nature intended. However, its can be very easy to really fall off the health bandwagon during Winter. Too many heavy foods, empty carbs, red wine and little exercise can really leave you feeling average as Spring rolls around in September. It can also play havoc with your immune system and energy levels, leaving you battling colds and flus all Winter long.

So how do you stay on track and motivated during winter? My top tips are ones that still allow you to rest and enjoy the slower lifestyle, but still feel energized and happy!

1. Stick to an Exercise Regime: But modify it for the cooler months. Yoga and Reformer Pilates are great choices to boost energy levels, whilst still not being too strenuous. Also they are indoors which makes it that much easier to commit when its raining. In Winter commit to three workouts a week, and if you manage to squeeze more in that’s great!

2. Stay Hydrated. Winter makes it easy to really forget to drink water throughout the day, but its still a key component to keeping your metabolism firing, maintaining energy levels up and avoid binging on food when your actually just dehydrated. We also opt for green juices to maintain hydration as well- ginger is also great to boost your green juices with. Also aim for a cup of warming herbal tea in the morning to boost your fluid intake.

3. Don’t ditch the warming foods: Don’t avoid comfort foods in winter, just make sure they are nutrient dense. So instead of opting for a cheese toasty on white bread, aim for a jam packed toasty full of greens, vegetables and switch out the cheese for hummus. Swap creamy pasta for Wholegrain Pasta with heaps of vegetables folded into the sauces.

4. Get outside when its not raining. Make an effort to have at least 15 minutes in the sun per day- it’s the perfect energy booster.

Last but not least listen to your body! If its telling you to slow down, take a sleep in. Our bodies have a great way of telling us just what we need, we just need to tune in and listen.

Happy netflix season everyone!