Posted by Lynda on 11th Feb 2018

A targeted way to amplify your cleanse and get better results from your program.

We have combined single cold press juices, Doterra Essential oils and medicinal herbs and spices to help you get the best out of your detox. We have focused on natural ingredients to target your specific concerns when cleansing.

Our First two juice shots are DETOX and FAT BURN.

DETOX: Our detox shot contains Activated Coconut Charcoal which is a great to promote deep detoxification of chemicals and toxins in your body. (see our blog post here from more info) Charcoal will also help you de bloat and promote better digestion.

We have combined this with pure cold pressed organic lemon juice to promote alkalinity, and boost the digestive system.

Finally we have a touch of Cayenne pepper to aid in help digestion, reduce bloating and stimulate circulation.

FAT BURN: Our fat burn shot contains pure organic grapefruit juice which gives your liver the fat burning push it needs to process and breakdown fat. Grapefruit is great for fatty liver and also helps breakdown cholesterol. If your liver is function at its best, it can detox your body more effectively.

This shot also contains organic lemon juice for promoting internal alkalinity and boosting your digestive system. Finally we add Doterra Cinnamon Bark Oil (wild harvested) as Cinnamon aids in increasing metabolic function. This oil also improves digestion and reduces inflammation.

Both these shots will help your body get the extra push it needs, and aid you to get the best results from your cleanse.

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