New Autumn Juices

22nd Mar 2016

A change is in the air- days are getting shorter, and nights a bit cooler! To mark the change in seasons we are launching TWO new juices, well one is an almond milk, but lets not get caught up on technicalities.

Packed full of juicy benefits, they have been developed especially for you, our wonderful customers. Available to order now via our shop!

#10 - A Restoring Vanilla Blend

An addition to our flavoured almond milk range, this blend is light vanilla milk with ALMONDS, CASHEWS AND BRAZIL NUTS, with a sprinkle of BLACK SESAME. It is designed to be a nutritional powerhouse-- an ideal dairy replacement.

The mix of nuts and black sesame gives you high levels of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin E and B6. We couldn’t pack any more nutrition in if we tried, and being a raw milk raw milk means the nutrional density is maintained. This blend is earthy, but a much lighter texture to our Cacao almond milk. A great blend as a nightcap, it will have you drifting off into a peaceful nights sleep!

#11 - A Refreshing Minty Mojito

An energizing mint tinged mix, tastes like a mojito without the bad stuff! Cucumber is high in potassium, electrolytes and Vitamin K, whilst being low in sugar! We always recommend Cucumber for hydrating and plumping the skin, it’s a glow inducing vegetable. The added combo of kale and citrus aid in iron absorption, and amp up this nutritious juice. This one is an easy to drink green juice, which will have you drinking those vegetables with ease! And it is also a great cocktail mixer- if your looking to retox before your detox.

We invite you to try our newest flavours and let us know what you think.