Posted by Lynda on 12th Sep 2018

Do you suffer from bloating, skin issues, trouble shifting weight and slow digestion? Many of us do, and often these can all be linked to poor gut health. Restoring gut health is a long journey, but once you start to reap the benefits- the effort is well worth it.

Taking a daily probiotic is a great way to start to boost your gut health, but a lot of the ones we found on the market where really poor quality, not vegan or contained heaps of sugar! AND missed one of the essentials of a happy gut- prebiotic's. Prebiotic's help nourish the beneficial bacteria in your gut, those good gut bugs need food to survive, otherwise the effort you go to taking a probiotic is wasted. We use two of the best organic prebiotic's on the market Yacon Root and Jerusalem artichoke.

Our raw, gluten free, dark chocolate contains approximately 10 Billion CFU’s of 4 well-researched stable vegan probiotic strains. And the entire product is made from all organic ingredients.

So why not treat yourself and do your gut a favour at the same time! 

Try our Probiotic chocolates, complimentary with any purchase over $59 starting Thursday 13th of September- until we run out! * 50 packs available*

Simply add the trial pack to your cart >> find it here and lets improve our gut health in time for Spring!