What are Medicinal Mushrooms

Posted by Lynda S on 31st Oct 2016

Medicinal mushrooms are a hot topic in the health world at the moment. These little fungi are causing a stir because they are nutrient dense, vitamin rich, healing and longevity promoting. Studies have indicated that people who consume the most mushrooms, also live the longest! Coincidence, we think not!

Try these four varieties to reap the benefits of the ‘shrooms!


This shroom is a great blood sugar regulator, and high source of Vitamin D2- essential for neurological and lymphatic health. It is well renowed as a healer mushroom, which contains a polysaccharide that combats breast and bladder cancer cells.

Lions Mane

How impressive does this mushroom look! This mushroom increases nerve growth factors in the brain, leading to enhanced memory, better reasoning and reduces your chance of alzheimers, parkinsons and depression. This one looks and tastes like tofu!


Reishi mushroom was the drink of choice for great chinese emperors and Egyptian pharaohs considered it an important part of there diet for immortality. It is known to aid in immune health, lowers blood pressure, and can combat the oxidative effects of stress.


This fungi is high in copper, B vitamins and selenium, all of which aid in glowing skin and shiny hair! This is the mushroom to promote beauty from the inside out. There are also some strong studies which link this mushroom to cancer fighting and immune supporting bio-actives.