​Zero Waste – Our top 5 Tips to Start Your Journey

​Zero Waste – Our top 5 Tips to Start Your Journey

Posted by Lynda on 9th Apr 2018

Zero Waste, it’s a big movement that is gaining traction at the moment. And for good reason, reducing our environmental footprint is something we can all do as individuals to make a huge impact. Just think of how much plastic bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags and takeaway containers we each use everyday, and then times that by the population of Perth and you have A MOUNTAIN of waste!

And not forgetting that a lot of the waste we create is used ONCE, aka coffee cups, and can hang around in landfill for a life time.

So we have collated a list of our Top 5 Tips to get started, as delving into this realm can be super over whelming and leave you throwing your hands in the air and giving up

TIP 1: Get a re-useable coffee cup STAT!

If you’re a one a day coffee drinker, that’s 5-7 cups per week you can save, OR 1,700 cups per year. Our current faves are these ceramic beauties from Pottery for The Planet.

Or better yet, take 5 mins and dine in at your local coffee shop.

TIP 2: Plastic Bags and Produce Bags, its time to exit stage left.

The plastic bag is filling up our oceans, and killing marine life! Its time to make the switch and get your reusable shopping bags happening.

We like these ones from ONYA  for fresh produce.

And these are super handy when you shop at bulk food stores like Kakulas or Source Bulk Foods

And you can of course use our calico bags from your cleanse as a sturdy shopping bag for your groceries.

TIP 3: Compost

If you take away all your recycling for a week, most of the waste your are left with is actually food scraps and items that can be composted!

But it can be a little trickier, especially as many of us live in small homes or apartments. But we have found this neat little apartment composter ( minus the smell) here: 

It also looks stylish and works too!

TIP 4: Opt to shop at places that minimize packaging

Shop at places who use glass, don’t over wrap products, avoid packaging items individually. Some suggestions are bulk food stores like Source Bulk Foods or Kakulas for nuts, seeds and grains. Farmers markets are great for sourcing all your fresh products. There are even some ‘zero-waste’ stores in Perth, in which you can purchase bulk-cleaning products and put them into your own containers!

Supporting businesses that consciously aim to reduce waste, means they can continue to provide those services to you.

TIP 5: Reusable Drink Bottles, keep them everywhere.

We are all for maintain hydration at all times, so carry a drink bottle with you to avoid those nasty plastic bottles.

You can get some beautiful ones online, we like the stylish look of the minimal Frank Green:

If you start with one or two of these tips, you will be well on your way to make some lasting changes. And don’t forget you can view our environmental policies here and learn about all the ways we build an environmentally sound business.