Enviromental Ethos


As a company we make a concious choice to choose returnable and bio-degradable packaging wherever possible. We strive to lessen the burden placed on mother nature and we know you do to! We have developed a recyling program we think is second-to-none, and you play a major part. Together we can make a difference, read on to find out how...



Recycle and be rewarded program

Our recycling program allows you to receive points for every bag and set of jars you return! Simply return your bag and jars to our warehouse or to the driver and we will credit the points to your account. Points are then redeemed for $$$ of your next purchase!

You must return 16-24 clean glass jars + 1 Cooler bag to receive 500 REWARD POINTS. Please allow 7 working days for us to credit your account


All you need to do is sign up for a loyalty account on our homepage and start collecting points now!


GLASS JARS – Made from sand, our glass jars are infinitely reusable. Use them from spices, smoothies, vases and whatever else you can dream up. And if not return them to us for sterilization and re-use.



BIO-PACK – All our food is packaged in BIO-Pak , containers made from sugar cane pulp.It is 100% bio-degradeable, and beats plastic anyday.


SWING TAGS- All our swing tags and printing is on paper made from 100% recycled sources and is food grade! We encourage you to recycle all your swing tags, or return them for future use. Using swing tags allows us to easily recycle our bottles with minimal water use.


COOLER BAGS – We use a hessian and cotton cooler bag which allows for greater re-use than boxes! And you can return your empty bags for us to refill on your next cleanse date.



STRAWS – We use 100% bio-degradable paper straws- we never use plastic. 



MADE TO ORDER – We make to order, and as such we keep waste to its absolute minimum!


FRUIT and VEGE PULP WASTE- Our leftover fruit and vege pulp waste is bagged up for use as DOG food! Giving them shiny coats and happy tummies.


PACKAGING RETURN – All our packaging is returnable, boxes, packing paper, jars and swing tags. If you want to return we will gladly accept and reuse, see below for more details



SOLAR – Our facility uses Solar Panel to power our whole warehouse and kitchen!