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Plain Celery Juice is used to combat bloating, get clearer skin, improve digestion and gain more energy. Sounds good right?


So why celery juice?


-       Celery is a powerful anti- inflammatory food. It starves yeast, mould, fungus and viruses that are present in the body.

-       Celery Juice is strongly alkaline, and can help with joint pain, muscle cramps, sleep issues, heartburn, constipation and bloating.

-       It helps purify the blood stream, reduce blood pressure and had even been linked to a decrease in anxiety!

-       Helps alkalise the gut- and repair intestinal lining.

-       Great for weight- loss as it helps flush toxins!



How do you drink it? The juice must be straight and on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning for optimal benefits.


Ingredients: Celery 375MLS

Shelf life is Three days, Plain celery is very sensitive to heat. Please bring a cooler bag in summer to keep them cold on your drive home.