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Why cleanse?

If you’re feeling tired, run-down, off-balance, weighed down or bloated from inflammatory foods then you’ll benefit from the natural healing powers of your own body by giving your digestive system a break and rejuvenating with amazing nutrients and antioxidants.

Our cleanses help you rid built up toxins and feel lighter, re-energised, and regain mental clarity. They’re an ideal way to kick-start a new health-regime or if you just want to glow — day to day or for an upcoming date.

What is a juice cleanse?

Our cleanses detox and replenish your body with amazing nutrients and antioxidants. You can choose between 1, 2, 3 and 5 day cleanses. You can also decide between straight juice cleanses or ones that include both juice and meals. Each program is designed for different health goals and experience levels. They involve no preparation on your part. Simply choose a cleanse that’s right for you and we’ll take care of the rest — from making your juices fresh to delivering them to your door.

Before you cleanse

Ease your digestive system into the cleanse and minimise any side effects by doing the following:


We recommend you prepare 2 days in advance by eliminating caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, nicotine, refined starches (eg. bread, white rice and pasta). You should also cut back on dairy, poultry and red meat.


Try and aim for as much unprocessed food as possible, as this will make the transition into your cleanse much easier.


Try big raw salads or lightly cooked veggies with lots of healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, extra virgin olive oil) and plant based protein (legumes, quinoa, tofu or tempeh).


During this time you should try and drink plenty of water and herbal tea.

During the cleanse

These tips will help you get the most out of the cleanse and to nurture yourself through this process of rejuvenation:


Start your cleanse on the morning of delivery. Our Juices have a shelf life of 3 days so you must start the cleanse as soon as possible to avoid spoilage.


Keep our juice cold (below 4 degrees) at all times! Remember to pack them in a nice chilly cooler bag to keep them fresh if you are taking them out.


The suggested drinking order for your daily cleanse is emailed to you following purchase. Each day drink the juices in the recommended order for optimal benefits.


Aim to consume each juice approximately 1.5 hours apart. Begin with the first juice when you wake up and end with your juice/meal 2 hours before bed.


We recommend you drink plenty of water and herbal tea throughout the cleanse process to aid the detoxification process.


It is normal to feel a bit headachy or lethargic on the first day because your body is eliminating built up toxins. Once this phase passes you will have more energy, feel lighter and regain clarity.


You can exercise whilst on a cleanse. Sweating is a natural process that expels toxins from the body. We recommend low impact activities like walking, yoga and pilates.


Rest! Get enough sleep to allow your body to replenish.

After the cleanse

Similar to the preparation phase before your cleanse, give your body
two to three days to ease back into your normal diet.

Stick to unprocessed foods, fresh
fruits and vegetables in small

Ease your way back into meat and
dairy products if these are part of
your usual diet.

Soups, salads, and dairy-free
smoothies are all great choices for
the days immediately following
your cleanse.

What order should I
drink my juices in?

Please refer to your selected cleanse page to
find the order to drink your juices in.


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